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This is second cartoon installment of me as a cartoon character. I hope everyone will enjoy it, I encourage comments on my blog feel free to response. My first novel “The Indian Ridge Stories” is available at the Kindle Store, a Nook Book at,, and as a paperback at My radio interview at


This is what’s going to date.

Caricature Writer 2

I am going to post cartoons of me (The Writer) as I write my novels.

Enjoy them and I welcome comments on my blog. My first novel “The Indian Ridge Stories” which is available as an eBook at the Kindle Store, Nook Book at at and as a paper back at

The caricature of me will be a spokesman for my writing

cartoon Mark   I am a cartoon version of Mark Richard Luther, the author of The Indian Ridge Stories. It’s available as an eBook at the Kindle Store, a Nook Book at http://www., at and a paperback version at I had my first writer’s radio interview at

Keeping the writing flow streaming

writer's logo 2

While working on my second novel as I am writing, a storyline for a third novel came into my thoughts. I could write another novel as I am writing the second novel. My creativity is becoming like the fourth of July as fireworks go off in my head, with writing it’s either feast or famine. I will go with the flow of creative streaming that’s running through my head.

The work continues

The writing continues on my second novel “Blood Moon” (this is a working title) During the writing process I might change the title, it could depend on what mood I am in (Laughing) Last night I finished the rough sketch of the novel’s book cover and after that I wrote in long hand five pages, today I typed those pages on my laptop. The work continues……..