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A bi-weekly newsletter providing information about writer Mark Richard Luther;

He has published his first novel which entitled The Indian Ridge Stories; it’s available as an eBook at also as a Nook Book at Barnes& and at the Kindle Store. Now as a paperback at

Mark Richard Luther maintains a blog at

He’s working on his second novel, a process he works at every day.

I write every day because that is who I am- a writer.”

In the newsletter I will give a day in the life of a writer who is me (Mark Richard Luther) I will also include some personal information that might be interesting to the reader. Adding some fun facts along the way without giving away too much information, I say always keep them guessing and one step ahead of the pack.

If you are interested in subscribing to the newsletter email me at in the subject line write newsletter subscription


My novel The Indian Ridge Stories is available in paperback form on

I had publish my first novel The Indian Ridge Stories in paperback form which is available on Now The Indian Ridge Stories is available as a Nook Book- on the kindle and in paperback.

Stay creative and positive.